Knit Backing Services

Strengthen your textiles for upholstery use with our specialized knit-backing techniques.

Our company developed a special knit backing process that reduces puckering, bonding separation, and grain distortion, all of which are typical with conventionally backed textiles.

Our knit backing method offers:

– Reinforcing delicate fabrics
– Increasing durability without affecting fabric elasticity
– Stabilizing open or loosely woven fabrics for upholstery applications
– Adding body, resilience, and longevity while eliminating seam slippage
– All work is completed in-house, leading to faster turnaround times

Fabrics backed for upholstery offer greater wear resistance, giving your upholstered
furniture a longer life and added value.

For Estimates or any inquiries about your backing, please contact us at: or call us at (312) 243-2919